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The BETTS are off - we won! 🏆

The BETTS are off - we won! 🏆

Mable Therapy are delighted to announce that we’ve won the 2022 BETT Award for SEND resources, products and services. 🎉

Mable Therapy was doing online therapy before it was cool. Founded seven years ago, we were ahead of the curve in creating a therapeutic platform that could be used remotely, giving pupils access to the right specialist regardless of their location. Now, as the demand for online services sky-rockets, our work has been recognised by the prestigious BETT awards.

Years were spent perfecting our service so that now the world has moved online, Mable Therapy has the expertise needed to support schools. In uncertain times, we provided consistent, high-quality therapy to the pupils who needed it most. The last two years have proven not only that online therapy works, but it removes the barriers seen with traditional services. The paradigm has shifted. Schools are refusing to return to traditional services, and Mable Therapy is busier than ever.  

How does Mable Therapy work?

Mable is the UK’s leading provider of children’s online counselling and speech and language therapy. Our specialist clinicians deliver targeted, individualised therapy for pupils, using creative, game-based software that makes sessions fun and stress-free. Our thousands of target-based games and activities, combined with the therapists’ clinical expertise, mean pupils are engaged, motivated and make accelerated progress. 

Mable’s software is designed not just to optimise the pupil’s experience and outcomes, but also to help busy school staff overcome the long waiting lists and tricky referral processes they face with local services. Schools can self-refer pupils to our UK-wide network of specialists, and sessions are available within 48 hours of referral. Mable’s software also collects, collates and communicates data and reports automatically throughout the sessions. This enables information to be shared with teachers and parents within 24 hours, meaning everyone can be involved in supporting the child’s progress. 

A word from Mable's founders 

Mable co-founder and Clinical Director Martha Currie said: “It’s such a huge honour to have won a BETT award. As a speech and language therapist, I was so frustrated that pupils weren’t getting the support they needed when they needed it. We created Mable Therapy to make sure no school ever has to jump through hoops or face long wait times to give their pupils therapeutic support. To have that recognised by the BETT awards is incredible, and it hopefully means even more schools will hear about us and realise there is an alternative to traditional services.”

Mable Therapy was nominated for the BETT award by global education pioneers Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. Co-founder and CEO Elliot Agro added: “To have the support of Pearson means the world to us. They have decades of expertise in supporting pupils to meet their potential, so for them to recognise how vital our service is, is incredibly rewarding.

"Over the last two years, we've seen demand for our online service grow. Now that pupils are back in schools, the number of Mable schools is still growing. The tide has turned and schools are demanding a more efficient, cost-effective way to support their pupils. And we're thrilled to be able to help!" 

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