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Speech & language questions

What is speech and language therapy?

How do I know if a student needs speech therapy?

Is Mable Therapy suitable for all students?

Is Mable Therapy suitable for older students?

What is the assessment process?

Does every student need to have an assessment?

Are the assessments standardised?

Can the reports be used for EHCP evidence?

How many sessions will be needed?

How will I contact the Mable therapist?

What qualifications and experience do the therapists have?

Can a student change therapist?

Do students need to have an NHS assessment before starting Mable?

How can we track our students' progress?

Counselling questions

How do I refer a student for counselling?

Does a member of staff need to be present for the sessions?

What qualifications do the counsellors have?

How long are the sessions and when do they take place?

How do you safeguard students?

What if a student is reluctant to try counselling?

Do we need to inform the parents/carers that a student is having counselling?

Can you work with students referred to CAMHS?

General questions

Are you able to provide the appropriate policies?

Do we need to get consent forms signed by parents/carers?

How much do sessions cost?

What equipment do I need for a Mable session?

How can I check if my equipment will work properly?

Do the sessions take place on Zoom?