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Our approach
to therapy

We support schools to get students the help they need, when they need it.

online therapy

Research shows that online therapy has the same or better outcomes than ‘in-person' sessions. It’s more accessible, removes waiting lists and reduces anxiety by taking place in the comfort of the home or school rather than a clinical setting.


Simple referral,
no waiting list

Often children remain on waiting lists, or they're turned down for help because they don't meet the threshold for support. Long waiting times for services like speech therapy or CAMHS can significantly negatively impact a child's mental health and development. With Mable, there's no tricky referral process, and appointments are available within 48 hours.

Experienced therapists only
no assistants or NQTs

All Mable therapists are qualified to a specialist level, which means they have expertise and experience in working with specific communication disorders, leading to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment. We have a focused and individualised treatment approach tailored to each child's specific needs and challenges.


Engaged students, make quicker progress

 Providing children with a comfortable and familiar online therapy environment offers many advantages over traditional in-person therapy, including:

  • Reducing anxiety and promoting participation in therapy
  • Increased engagement and motivation in learning activities
  • Improved retention of information through active participation
  • Opportunities for immediate feedback and rewards
  • Increased convenience and flexibility

Comprehensive SEND assessment

Speech and language assessments involves various activities and procedures designed to evaluate the child's communication abilities and needs. Mable's automation collates the outcomes which populate the report. This means our speech and language reports are completed and shared with you within 7 days.  These reports can be used to support EHCP applications and funding requests. 

Example assessment report


See our research!

Our approach to therapy is based on extensive scientific research into the benefits of creative, online counselling. If you'd like to know more, download our Mable Therapy White Paper.


Clear and transparent summary data

Senior staff have instant access to their whole school overview, including their remaining budget, how many students receiving therapy, and how well children are progressing through their therapy programme. This school summary information is invaluable in evidencing SEND interventions and the use of your budget.


Post-session reports and homework

Weekly session reports and homework tasks can be accessed at the click of a button to provide you, your parents and your staff with information about each child's diagnosis, treatment plan, and progress. Session reports also provide a record of a child's progress over time, which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and make adjustments as needed.

Example session report

Example homework task