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Counselling for
young people

  • You and your child can choose their counsellor
  • No subscriptions, just pay as you go
  • All counsellors are UK-trained, fully-qualified, interviewed and DBS-checked
  • An online therapy platform designed specifically for counselling young people
  • No waiting list, choose your counsellor and get started within 48 hours
  • Easy to switch counsellor if your child doesn't 'click' with their first choice
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We can help your child feel like themselves again

If your child is struggling with their mental health you can feel powerless, and trying to get them help can feel like hitting a series of brick walls. At Mable Therapy, we have experienced children and young people's counsellors who are ready to work with your child.

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Built to engage young people

The counsellor will use a range of age-appropriate activities and games to help your child feel at ease. By using our creative tools, they'll feel more comfortable and relaxed and the therapeutic work can begin. 

It’s essential that your child trusts their counsellor so they feel comfortable sharing their feelings. Our counsellors build this bond by talking to them about their home and school life, their loved ones and their interests.

An anxiety-reducing environment

  • Online therapy offers a more familiar and comfortable environment for them, as they can participate from the privacy of their own home.

  •  In your consultation session, you can join your child to help them settle in and ask any questions you may have. 

  • While the therapy sessions are confidential, the therapist will provide parents with regular updates on their child's progress and work collaboratively with them to develop a plan for ongoing support.

Choose the right therapist for your child


You don't need to settle for a therapist just because they live close by. Choose from our UK-wide network of specialists and find the right match for your child. We only recruit therapists who have substantial experience, appropriate qualifications and the right patience, warmth and energy to work with children.

  • Generalised anxiety
  • Health anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Panic disorder
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trauma
  • Emotional regulation
  • Gender identity
  • Sexuality
  • Friendship issues
  • Family issues

The process


1. Find the right match

Browse our therapists and choose the right one for you and your child. 


2. Book an appointment

Choose from all the available times and get your first session booked in.


3. Start therapy

Once it’s time, login and click the 'Join Session' button and get started.

Clear and simple



  No contract

  No setup fees

  24 hour cancellation

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How to talk about counselling with your child

If you're not sure how to broach the idea of counselling with your child, we've created this video which is a great place to start. Tell them you've noticed they seem a bit down and you wondered if they might want to talk to someone. Once you've watched the video, let them know that you'll never force them to have counselling, it's their decision. It can also help if they're involved in choosing their counsellor when you book the first appointment. This will help them to feel more in control. 

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