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Our thoughts: AAC

The Impact of Mental Health and Speech and Language Issues on School Attendance

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Developing Oracy Skills at Key Stage 2 with Speech Therapy Strategies

This week Minister for school standards Robin Walker acknowledged phonics is crucial to reading development but ‘learning to decode words is just one element of becoming a fluent..

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Could poor communication skills be holding students back in maths?

With hundreds of pupils starting school with poor speech and language skills and even more children struggling with basic social skills, there is no wonder we are seeing the..

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Schools Guide to Online Speech & Language Services

Why do we need this guide? Several weeks into our third lockdown and from what I have heard from parents you are doing an amazing job shifting from the classroom to an online..

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A Guide to Vocabulary Teaching: Part 1

As every teacher knows, vocabulary knowledge is key. A student who has an extensive vocabulary tends to be able to follow instructions more successfully, write more interesting..

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How do pupils learn to read?

The strategies for success Learning to read and write is something all of us have gone through and will be a key point of learning for every child. I don’t know about you but the..

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