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Our thoughts: Relationship Issues

The Impact of Mental Health and Speech and Language Issues on School Attendance

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Anxiety and Hyperactivity: A Teacher's Guide

Mental health, how we think, feel and regulate our emotions, is something that we all have. Just like our physical health, mental health is something that can deteriorate at..

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Developing Oracy Skills at Key Stage 2 with Speech Therapy Strategies

This week Minister for school standards Robin Walker acknowledged phonics is crucial to reading development but ‘learning to decode words is just one element of becoming a fluent..

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Top-tips to start using Makaton signing in your classroom

As a speech and language therapist and qualified early years teacher, if I were to choose a communication tool that enhanced the learning environment for all children, it would be..

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5 things teachers ask me about Auditory Memory

Difficulties with Auditory memory can have a significant impact on a pupil’s ability to attend and learn at the same rate as the rest of their class. I have worked as a speech and..

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