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Helen Spiers

The Impact of Mental Health and Speech and Language Issues on School Attendance

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The Link Between Mental Health and Behaviour

This month has seen the publication of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition’s report into Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools, and it confirms what Mable..

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Supporting Exam Stress

Exam season is stressful for everyone. Teachers are under pressure to meet targets, parents feel anxious knowing the role exams can play in future success, and for the young..

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The BETTS are off - we won! 🏆

Mable Therapy are delighted to announce that we’ve won the 2022 BETT Award for SEND resources, products and services. 🎉 Mable Therapy was doing online therapy before it was cool...

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Supporting students with the second Covid lockdown

Just as we’re settling into the ‘new normal’, news of the second lockdown means our day-to-day lives have been disrupted once again. As adults it’s disappointing, but we’ve seen..

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5 ways to support your children through Corona-anxiety.

Life in lockdown When Boris Johnson announced the government’s decision to close schools, it certainly divided opinion in my house. My eldest child thought all his Christmases had..

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