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Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Speech and Language Therapy

Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Speech and Language Therapy

Online Therapy from Mable is a More Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Speech and Language Therapy

Budget is often the most crucial factor when deciding how to allocate your funds. For many schools, it's a difficult decision between in-person therapy, training in-house teaching assistants and utilising online therapy.  The cost of hiring qualified speech therapists can be prohibitive for budget-conscious schools. Still, with budget cuts coming down from the central government, it has never been more necessary to find ways to cut costs without compromising on the quality of care.

Senco working out annual budget

With this in mind, we will now discuss the possible options for your school and (shameless plug alert! ) why your school senior leadership members should consider online therapy with Mable over other options.

Why is Speech and Language Therapy so Important?

We all know that speech, language, and communication needs directly impact children's development and educational outcomes as well as their health and well-being. But did you know that, if left unaddressed, speech, language and communication needs can adversely affect children across their entire lifespan?

student struggling to concentrate in class

As many as 70% of young offenders and 88% of long-term unemployed young men in England and Wales have been found to have Speech, Language and communication needs. It has a significant impact on access to education and opportunities beyond formal education. That's why it's so essential for these students to get the proper support at the right time from the most qualified professionals.

Option 1 -Hiring a qualified speech and language therapist internally

The money you spend on intervention is imperative! It needs to demonstrate outcomes and prove it has a meaningful, measurable impact. Less experienced Speech and Language therapy staff will be cheaper, but they may not be cost-effective. A newly qualified Speech and Language therapist will expect a starting wage of around £22k. A speech and language therapist with a much higher experience level will expect anything up to £50k.

Speech and Language Therapist working with a child at school
However ambitious, a newly qualified therapist will require more time for supervision from senior staff and planning therapy and writing reports. Think of them like NQTs and consider the level of support they are provided within your school. Are you able to allow for this? It may be better to hire a therapist with experience but ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge of the current speech and language therapy techniques and a range of experience that will address the needs of your students now and in the future. Hiring from a group that has experienced therapists with a range of specialisms will alleviate this issue—reducing the need to refer to external agencies. It will mean less waiting time for those pupils that need support imminently.

Option 2 -Training teaching assistants

Training a teaching assistant to deliver Speech and Language therapy interventions can take less time than hiring a new therapist. Teaching assistants are a vital resource for helping to support children with special needs; however, like anyone else, they need training and support from a speech therapist to implement programmes of care and build their skill set. The quality sessions can often become compromised if your teaching assistants are not adequately supported.

teaching assistant in training

Naturally, when you do select teaching assistants to carry out Speech and Language therapy interventions, they should have experience working with children who have special educational needs or disabilities. They must be confident, have an excellent grasp of language, and desire to learn new skills. While it may seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, it can actually end up costing you more.

Personal and Human resource Considerations

In the unfortunate event that a therapist leaves or is subject to long-term sickness, you will need a contingency plan in place. Your teaching assistant could be trained as a replacement. Still, inherently this takes time and money to get this training in place – not an ideal situation for students who require immediate support! It may also impact your staff morale if they are not interested in delivering speech and language interventions and are now being asked to take on multiple roles. 

With options one and two, consider the personal impact on your teaching staff team members who may feel resentful or undervalued. You should carefully weigh up what is most important to you when choosing which option to go forward with before making any decisions that could affect the culture of your school for years to come!

Option 3 -Online therapy with Mable Therapy for Schools

Mable's unique platform allows students aged between three and twenty-five years old access to high-quality sessions from senior Speech & Language Therapists online around the clock, without compromising on results or outcomes. Sessions are delivered in real-time so there is no loss in translation across busy school days during term times.

Better access

With children using tablets more frequently than ever before, this service provides an opportunity for young people who otherwise may not have had access to specialist support within their school day. And because it’s web-based your classroom does not need to be out of use while the therapy session is taking place.

No more copy and paste reports

When you hire the services of Mable Therapy, our therapists will work with your school to create a cost-effective therapy programme that is tailored specifically for each child on an individual basis. They can support students who are finding it difficult in mainstream education settings by supporting them with their communication at home as well as in school.


Access to specialists

Mable Therapy is a leading provider of Speech and Language therapy services in the UK. Our team members are highly qualified and experienced therapists who will work with you to create an individualised programme that addresses each child's specific needs while also being cost-effective for your school budget. We provide training, support and supervision with every step of the way.

At school or at home

Mable Therapy for Schools allows students access to Speech and Language support, 12 hours a day, so even those children who are struggling attend can access therapy outside of school hours.

We want to help schools in the UK budget for Speech and Language Therapy without compromising on quality or student outcomes, that's why we offer affordable therapy plans so you can see how beneficial virtual speech and language therapy. There are no waiting lists, no contracts and no SLAs so we can be flexible to suit your needs. i

To book a meeting with Martha Currie, our Clinical Director you can do that here. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Mable Therapy and how we can help your school.

It has never been more necessary to find ways to cut costs without compromising the quality of care. Find out how online therapy through Mable Therapy can help.