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Mable's expert clinicians share their views and advice on the world of children's mental health and communication.

Helping your Child to Build their Confidence

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Top tips to help children develop their speech and language at home

Last year was challenging to say the least. Everyone has been affected by the devastating results of the pandemic, including our children. 

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What’s the difference between a stutter and a stammer?

Stammering and stuttering are relatively common speech disorders, which are neurological in nature and create moments of dysfluency such as: repeating words, stretching sounds or..

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The impact of loneliness during childhood and how to offer support

At the heart of our humanity is the desire to be known and understood. We crave social contact and yet so often struggle to find relationships of meaning and value. In addition to..

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Using stories and fairy tales in children and young people’s therapy

Stories, fairy tales, myths, legends, and fables have been used for centuries to teach, inspire, guide, and enrich our lives. They can speak to us on a far more profound, more..

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Grounding activities to help support yourself and your students in times of stress

Writing as a creative arts therapist for Mable’s online counselling service , I’ve noticed that the children and young people I work with are requesting practical grounding..

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What is the link between mental health and academic performance?

At last, our children have returned to full time education. A move which was widely anticipated and received with joy, relief and trepidation, by young people and their parents...

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Helping students with autism return to school

The past year has seen immense changes in how we live our lives, and inevitably these changes have impacted our mental health. For some, this has meant a period of loss and..

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Supporting students to overcome anxiety: an interview with Kemi Omijeh

We interview the writer of the new Academy course : Kemi Omijeh This week sees the launch of our latest Mable Academy course ' Supporting Students to Overcome Anxiety ’, presented..

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