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Speech and Language

Mable's expert clinicians share their views and advice for parents on children's communication.

Helping Your Autistic Child to Have Fun on Holiday!

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5 ways to help your child listen

Attention and listening skills are essential for school success. Children who can listen attentively and respond effectively to their teacher's directions tend to have an easier..

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Getting Your Child with Speech and Language Needs School Ready

The transition from pre-school to primary school can be a daunting time for any child, but for children with speech, language and communication needs, it can be especially..

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How to help your child to start talking

You may be wondering why your child is not talking yet. It may make you feel a little concerned but don't worry, some children can take some time before they start speaking,..

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Online Speech and Language Therapy: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Online speech and language therapy is a growing field that can be extremely beneficial for children who need speech and language therapy but don't have access to quality services..

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10 reasons to consider a speech and language assessment for your child

If your child has difficulty speaking or understanding what is said to them it can be difficult to know what's the best thing to do. But a really good starting point is to have an..

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The Benefits of Play-Based Speech Therapy

What is play-based speech and language therapy? Play-Based Speech and Language Therapy is a form of treatment, delivered in a playful and natural way. The alternative would be to..

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The connection between language and mental health difficulties

As a Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in working with young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues, I often find my role is intrinsically linked to..

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Dyslexia and Speech & Language Therapy?

Isn’t dyslexia that thing that makes it hard for people to read and write? So what has that got to do with speech and language therapy? Good Question! The definition of dyslexia..

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