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What is speech and language therapy?

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

Is Mable Therapy suitable for all children?

Is Mable Therapy suitable for older children and teenagers?

Is Mable suitable for children under the age of four?

What if I just want some advice?

What is the assessment process?

Does my child need to have an assessment?

Are the assessments standardised?

Can the reports be used for EHCP evidence?

Does my child’s school have to know we are accessing speech and language therapy?

My child is being seen by an NHS therapist, can they still work with you?

How long will my child need therapy for?

How will I contact the Mable therapist?

What qualifications and experience do the therapists have?

Can I change therapist?

Questions on technology

Do the sessions take place on Zoom?

What equipment do I need for a Mable session?

How will I contact the Mable therapist?

How can I check if my equipment will work properly?