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Our approach
to therapy

Children don’t need to suffer with their mental health, Mable's counsellors are here to help.

Therapeutic expertise,
backed by science

Mable uses a 'hybrid' approach to therapy. All our sessions take place online but our therapists discuss themes and often teach strategies and techniques to use in real life. This offers the best of both worlds: a fun, interactive environment for therapy, where ideas are modelled and honed so they can be applied to the real world. Research shows that online therapy has the same or better outcomes than 'in person' therapy and for most children, it's much less stressful than attending a clinic.




Building the

It’s essential that your child trusts their counsellor so they feel safe to open up about their feelings. Our counsellors are experts at building this bond. They do this by finding out about your child's home and school life, their loved ones and their interests. The counsellor will use a range of age-appropriate activities and games to help your child feel at ease. By using our creative tools, your child will feel more comfortable and relaxed and the therapeutic work can begin. 

Finding the
right approach

Once the counsellor has got to know your child, they’ll know which therapeutic approach to use. Our counsellors are skilled in a variety of approaches which they tailor to the individual needs of each child. This could be one, or a combination of approaches, such as talk therapy, CBT, play therapy, art therapy or solution-focused therapy.

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Exploring ideas with
the Mable Canvas

The Mable Canvas has resources and activities to support all of these approaches. Together, your child and the counsellor can use the Canvas to record any ideas, reflections or goals. Their canvas becomes a working document that they can add to throughout their therapy, giving them an ongoing record of their progress and success. 


See our research!

Our approach to therapy is based on extensive scientific research into the benefits of creative, online counselling. If you'd like to know more, download our Mable Therapy White Paper.


Practising strategies
and techniques

Our therapists often share strategies that can help the child or young person to regulate their emotions, such as breathing techniques, mindfulness and challenging negative thoughts. Mable’s platform has engaging activities that model these strategies, helping your child to practise them in a fun and low-anxiety way before using them in the real world. 



Using games to
enjoy the experience

Counselling sessions will often involve talking about difficult subjects. Our counsellors are skilled at balancing the light and shade of the sessions, so they don’t become stressful or overwhelming. The Mable platform has captivating games for all ages. They’re designed to reduce anxiety through play and can act as light relief if difficult subjects are being explored.