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High-quality, private counselling that doesn't cost the earth.

Cost-effective therapy that works

How much is a session?

Each counselling session is £65 and lasts 45 minutes. Mable therapists work with your child's individual needs to create a unique therapeutic experience. Mable technology allows your child to work creatively with their therapist online to get the most effective results. 

How many sessions will my child need?

Every child is different, but we recommend a minimum of 8-10 sessions to really see a meaningful change.  This gives the counsellor time to build a  relationship with your child and to start to make some positive steps towards transformation.

For some children, 8-10 sessions is a good starting point, but they may wish to continue and have further support.  Your child's counsellor will  check-in with you every 5 or 6 sessions to discuss progress and next steps.

Are there any other costs?

There are no other hidden costs beyond the £65 session rate.

Can I cancel a session?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Anything more than 24 hours can be cancelled or rearranged without charge. If sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hours they will be fully charged.

How are payments taken?

When you register you'll be asked to provide your card details which will then be saved securely on your Mable account. Payment will be taken from that card 48 hours before each session. 

How much are session reports?

We do not offer counselling reports for use in court proceedings or as part of a medical diagnosis.