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Getting mental health support for your child shouldn't be stressful and with Mable, it isn't.

Your questions answered

If you can't find the answer to your question below please get in touch and we will be always happy to help!

How does children’s counselling work?

What ages do you work with?

How do I book in?

What are the counsellors’ credentials?

Will I get to meet the counsellor?

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

How many sessions will be needed?

How long are the sessions and when do they take place?

What happens in the first session?

Can I sit in on my child’s counselling sessions?

Will the counsellor give me feedback on my child?

Where should my child have the sessions?

What if my child says bad things about me?

How do you safeguard children and young people?

What if my child doesn‘t want counselling, or doesn’t want to continue after the first session?

Can my child change their counsellor?

Will you share your records with anyone?

Do you provide written assessments or reports?

Can Mable Therapy sessions be paid for by my insurance company?

Questions on technology

Do the sessions take place on Zoom?

What equipment do I need for a Mable session?

How will I contact the Mable therapist?

How can I check if my equipment will work properly?