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Eleanor Brown

Eleanor is a specialist speech and language therapist with experience working with primary aged and pre-school children. She has advanced clinical experience in the areas of speech sound disorder, stammering and selective mutism.

The Impact of Mental Health and Speech and Language Issues on School Attendance

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Latest Posts

Is My Child Developmentally Behind?

As parents, life is full of worries about our children. When they're babies, we worry when they don’t seem to stop crying and whether they are getting enough milk. As they get..

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Using Visual Support at Home: An Overview

As a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), I often recommend parents and schools use visual support as it can benefit so many children. I am aware however, that ‘visual support’ is..

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Supporting Speech and Language Development in Bilingual Children

In many parts of the world speaking more than one language is the norm and a pretty essential part of everyday life. It enables a person to communicate with family members in one..

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Perfectionism: A Parents' Guide

Does your child struggle to cope with failure, or get really upset when things don’t go their way? Do they cope at school but have outbursts at home which are difficult to get to..

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