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Academy Course

Understanding and Supporting Children with Executive Functioning Difficulties

Speech & Language

What will you learn?

There will be students in your class who always appear disorganised, misplace their equipment and forget their homework. These may also be the same ones who make ‘careless’ errors in their work and may appear unmotivated in class. These are a few red flags for children with executive function difficulties. This course will explore how to identify these students as well as highlighting effective support strategies.

Module titles

  1. Introduction to Exectutive Functioning
  2. Risk Factors for Executive Functioning
  3. The Red Flags
  4. Practical Strategies
  5. How Speech Therapy Can Support Executive Functioning Skills
  6. Summary

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Emily Woodhouse

Speech & Language Therapist

Emily is a qualified speech and language therapist who has experience of working closely with children who have a range of SLCN including stammering, language disorders and SEMH. Emily has supported children in a variety of settings including specialist provisions and is passionate about creating positive and inclusive environments. Emily is an advocate for ensuring that all children have a voice and can communicate effectively with those around them.