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Stammering Pathway

Stammering refers to when words or sounds become stuck or are repeated. It is not always possible to identify whether or not a child will ‘overcome’ their stammer or whether this will become part of who they are and how they communicate.

On this pathway, a speech and language therapist will work with the child to increase their knowledge of stammering and will help them to begin to accept their stammer in order to reduce any negative thought cycles.

The therapist will also introduce some helpful tips which the child can use to help manage their stammer. The aim of the course is to help children to become confident and effective communicators.

Length of treatment

12 sessions delivered weekly


Recent Assessment

Referral Criteria

  • Diagnosed fluency difficulty

What we will work on

  • 3 - 7 years: Michael Palin parent-child interaction advice
  • For older children: fluency strategies such as the slide, soft contacts and breathing techniques

What we want to accomplish

  • Child to understand strategies to help improve fluency
  • Potential acceptance of dysfluency
  • In children aged 3-7, the aim would be for the child to increase awareness of smooth-talking and increase fluency in all interactions

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