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Speech Sound Delay / Disorder

Speech & Language

Speech Sound Delay / Disorder Pathway

Speech sound difficulties refer to articulation and phonological impairments that arise from development conditions.

Children can present with either a developmental speech delay, where development is behind but following a normal developmental pattern, or disorder of speech if the pattern is very delayed or different from the norm.

Children who present with speech sound difficulties, maybe unintelligible, even to familiar listeners, so they require support in terms of their ability to communicate and interact with those around them, as well as requiring remediation of their specific difficulty

Length of treatment

10 sessions delivered weekly


Recent Assessment

Referral Criteria

  • The speech sound disorder affects the child’s ability or willingness to communicate
  • Difficulties with phonological skills, spelling, reading, and writing

What we will work on

  • Listening and discrimination skills
  • Phonological awareness
  • Articulation and placement

What we want to accomplish

  • Student will be easier to understand
  • Positive effect on literacy
  • Positive effect on wellness and social relationships

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