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Social Anxiety

Mental Health

Social Anxiety Pathway

Social anxiety is particularly prevalent in young people, at a time when they’re building their identity and peer approval plays a huge part in their self-worth. On this pathway our counsellor will support the young person to explore the origins of their social anxiety, in order to recognise and reprogram any negative messages they’ve internalised.

The young person will be given strategies to recognise triggers and manage symptoms when they occur. They’ll also be supported in building their self-esteem and resilience, so they feel empowered to try things outside their comfort zone. With this support, the student should become more confident in their interactions and more able to engage in social situations.

Length of treatment

8 sessions delivered weekly


None required

Referral Criteria

  • Avoiding friends and social situations
  • Physical signs of anxiety in social situations (eg: sweating, blushing, trembling)
  • School refusal
  • Panic attacks

What we will work on

  • Explore the root of the social anxiety in order to challenge negative thoughts and associations
  • Develop strategies to recognising triggers of anxiety and manage symptoms
  • Build self-esteem and resilience in order to reduce anxiety
  • Set incremental social tasks to build confidence

What we want to accomplish

  • Lower anxiety levels (as measured on YP Core 10)
  • More able to cope with anxious situations
  • Improved self-esteem and resilience
  • Improved attendance and engagement with learning

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