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Identifying Mental Health Issues : A Guide for Teachers

Mental Health

What will you learn?

Mental health issues are on the rise in Britain's schools and teaching staff are under increasing pressure to identify and support students who need additional support. In this course, Barry offers tools and strategies to recognise mental health red flags, as well as the reason those issues may have arisen. He'll also give tips on how to support mental health at a whole-school, class and individual level.

Module titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Typical and Atypical behaviour in children and young people
  3. Understanding the causes of mental health issues
  4. Practical support for children with ACEs
  5. Anxiety and Depression
  6. Other common mental health issues in students
  7. Supporting mental health in the classroom
  8. Working with colleagues, parents and outside agencies
  9. Summary

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Barry Clarke

Children and Young Person's Counsellor

Barry Clarke is a specialist children and young person's counsellor, working online for Mable Therapy and in-person at various primary and secondary schools. Barry has extensive experience working with families and schools in order to identify and support children's mental health.