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Developmental Language Disorder

Speech & Language

Developmental Language Disorder Pathway

Developmental Language Disorder is a type of speech, language and communication need (SLCN) which is characterised by difficulties with understanding and/or using spoken language, with no other known diagnosed conditions (eg. ASC).

Without the correct support, a person with DLD will face various challenges across their lives, including accessing the curriculum, employment, mental health and relationships.

During this course, a speech and language therapist will work with the young person and will target their specific language needs. The therapist will develop language skills and introduce strategies which will help the young person to communicate effectively whilst increasing their ability to access educational and social activities.

Length of treatment

10 sessions delivered weekly


Recent Assessment

Referral Criteria

  • Difficulty in comprehension and/or production of language
  • Impairment in the use of language (spoken or signed)

What we will work on

  • Building vocabulary learning strategies to retrieve words
  • Understanding and using more complex sentence structures

What we want to accomplish

  • Understanding longer sentences
  • Increasing receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • Better conversation with peers
  • Reducing the student's frustration

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