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Late Language Development

Speech & Language


Late Language Development

This is an enhanced assessment for pupils in the Early Years who are unable to access Mable independantly. The approach is designed to improve interactions between a pupil and a key worker or parent. We use the principles of dynamic assessment to to stimulate the child’s zone of proximal development, while centring language on what the child is motivated by and focussing on.

Length of treatment
3 sessions delivered weekly.


Referral Criteria

  • Language skills below age related expectations.
  • Poor vocabulary.
  • Slower development of sentence structure and articulation.

What we will work on

  • Enhanced assessment for pupils in the Early Years and or with attention and listening difficulties.
  • Practical CPD strategies and homework tasks for key support worker/ parent.

What we want to accomplish

  • Increased confidence for staff working with pupils.
  • Implementation of comprehensive plan.
  • Preparing for further therapy or return to mainstream.

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