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Does My Child Have Anger Issues?

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5 ways to support your children through Corona-anxiety.

Life in lockdown   When Boris Johnson announced the government’s decision to close schools, it certainly divided opinion in my house. My eldest child thought all his Christmases..

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Supporting speech and language development during lockdown

Activities to support communication skills with children – no special toys needed!

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Eating disorders: Are they what we thought?

National Eating Disorders Awareness week has arrived and this year it is themed “Come as you are” which is about opening up the eating disorders conversation and raising our..

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Walk your child to communicative success

It’s National Walk to School month! Even though there are much warmer months for yourself and your little ones to venture into the great outdoors, October welcomes Autumn with its..

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Parent Child Interaction: The tools to support your child’s speech and language

So, after months of waiting you and your child have been invited to attend a Speech Therapy appointment. When your toddler’s speech or understanding is a little bit behind others..

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